Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coleco Chameleon and Retro Video Game Systems Still Alive!

You read it folks! The Coleco Chameleon is still alive and kicking and will be debuting at Toy Fair over Valentine's weekend in New York.  Nintendo Love Affair remains positive and excited for the project and cannot wait to see game footage.  

Speaking of games, Nintendo Love Affair reached out to RVGS on Twitter about the ominous silence over the past few weeks.  There had not been any updates on development, launch titles, or even cost and retail locations.  There was a little more activity on their Facebook page.  We later reached out about launch title announcements that were promised throughout January and received a brief, but positive response! Launch titles should still be announced leading up to Toy Fair.  

The Coleco Chameleon is a passion project for its makers, a nostalgic trip for its supporters, and a chance for retro-style gaming to sit in the limelight.  But, will it be successful?

What do you think?  Will the Chameleon be the start of a paradigm shift?

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