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Collectorvision Reveals Sydney Hunter and The Curse of the Mayans

CollectorVision, Sydney Hunter, and Coleco Chameleon

We sit down for an exclusive interview with Jean-Francois Dupuis, the Project Lead and Game/Graphic Designer, as well as the founder of CollectorVision Games. We discuss the upcoming Sydney Hunter as well as CollectorVision’s involvement with Retro Video Game Systems and the Coleco Chameleon.  Interested in more ‘new games on old platforms’?  Check out our interview with Piko Interactive!

CollectorVision Games is most known for making new Colecovision titles.  They are a developer, publisher, and manufacturer of brand new games for classic systems.  However, they also create for modern platforms as well.  J-F confirmed that in 2015 they received licenses and dev kits from Nintendo and Microsoft. They are on the waiting list for a kit from Sony at this time.

NLA: So how did it all start?  Where did CollectorVision begin?

J-F: We were making homebrew games since 2008 and in 2014 we decided to step into the indie games world.

NLA: Could you give us some details about what you are working on for modern systems?

J-F: We’re currently working on our very first Nintendo Wii U game called Sydney Hunter and The Curse of the Mayans.  A kind of mixture between Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Megaman & Resident Evil.  If the digital download goes well, we’re going to make a run of physical copies as well.

J-F has confirmed that Sydney Hunter will be available on Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One, and Steam. They will begin porting to PS4 as soon as they receive a dev kit.  He also stated that they are considering the Nintendo 3DS.

Recently, companies such as Yacht Club Games have been very successful following a similar pattern.  Shovel Knight is currently released on every modern platform.  You can purchase it digitally or own a physical copy.  They even teamed up with Nintendo to produce their very own Amiibo.  How is CollectorVision’s Sydney Hunter different?  The company’s true commitment to the retro community.

J-F: With Sydney Hunter and The Curse of the Mayans, our goal is to make a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System styled game for modern platforms.  It’s an 8-bit game designed to run on a real NES.  Beside having the game in 16:9, and the inclusion of a few special effects, the game is entirely doable on the NES.  We’ve been very careful to restrict ourselves to the NES hardware limitations.  In fact we’re going to port it to a Nintendo cartridge later down the road.

Aside from those few technically advanced features included in the digital release for modern platforms, CollectorVision Games is making a painstaking effort to keep Sydney Hunter a pure 8-bit title.  It is this type of attention to detail that sets Sydney Hunter apart from Shovel Knight and other retro-inspired indie efforts. When Nintendo Love Affair reached out to Yacht Club Games they stated that Shovel Knight would take much more than the NES to run.  

And just how does Sydney Hunter play?  

The trailer posted on CollectorVision’s YouTube channel gives us a dated, but accurate look.  

J-F: ...the game has changed a lot since then.

Described as a survival adventure through Mayan temples, Sydney hunter will explore over 125 rooms throughout the game.  J-F confirmed that there would not be a world map in the game.  Players will move from room to room and details on the inclusion of some sort of game map were not given.  After defeating bosses Sydney Hunter will have new weapons and powers available to him.  The best news for Wii U owners?  CollectorVision Games will be utilizing the Nintendo Wii U’s gamepad.

J-F: You’ll be able to play the whole game on the gamepad screen.  If you want to play on your television your inventory will be displayed on the gamepad.

This is an often underutilized feature on the Wii U and it is good to hear it is not being ignored for Sydney Hunter. It seems like this game would be right at home on the 3DS.  

As of late, it is difficult to discuss the retro gaming scene without bringing up Retro Video Game Systems and their Coleco Chameleon.  Mike Kennedy, spokesman for RVGS, has often touted CollectorVision as deeply entrenched in Coleco Chameleon development.  With a Kickstarter that recently failed to launch, we asked J-F how they would be impacted.

J-F: The Coleco Chameleon doesn’t affect our plans at all.  We keep doing stuff on our own like usual.  People think we’re affiliated with the Chameleon team, but were not.  Not at all in fact! We just happen to make games and they asked us if we would be interested to port some of them to the Chameleon, which is kind of easy for us.  

And what is CollectorVision’s focus for the future?

J-F: ...we’re focused on making games on modern platforms and for all classic systems.

If you are a fan of classic games, be sure to check out Sydney Hunter and The Curse of the Mayans.  A firm release date has yet to be determined but CollectorVision Games states that the title is scheduled to be released this year (2016).

Do you have questions about Sydney Hunter or CollectorVision?  Leave them in the comment box below and we will do what we can to get the answer!

Mark Ball is the editor for Nintendo Love Affair.  He also spends his days teaching and adventuring while refusing to lose his childlike sense of wonder. 

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  1. Uhhhhhhh .... this looks incredibly similar to La-Mulana .....

    1. Whoa! Those are very similar. I think the biggest thing that differentiates Syndey Hunter from other similar titles is that it can actually be played on the NES. I mean, let's get real, the temple exploration genre isn't new. La-Mulana looks like it has a very unique style though!