Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nintendo & Pokemon:The Power of Play

"You can do that."

There are few words more powerful when it comes to motivating children of all ages.  The new commercial from Pokemon and Nintendo that debuted during the 2016 Super Bowl carries with it so many messages for many different age groups.  For the kid who has yet to discover Pokemon, to the adult that was there for the franchise's debut, this commercial speaks to us all.  

Many people may question Pokemon's relevance with the Super Bowl crowd but they may be forgetting that more than just beer guzzling meat heads watch the big game.  Across the country families are watching, some just for the commercials.  Millions of people are gathered with friends and coworkers at parties using the Super Bowl as an excuse to get together and relax.  And yes, there are children watching the game as well.  Among all of these demographics are countless people who have the spirit of competition, embrace the joy of playing and gaming, and yes, love Pokemon.  

This week we at Nintendo Love Affair want to turn our attention towards the power of play and how companies, specifically Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, use their brand power to embrace the simple joys and importance of being outside, how their games were inspired by play and exploration, and how they have a huge part to play in getting our nation's children off of the couch and into the back yard.  

How has Nintendo inspired you to play?  

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