Friday, January 8, 2016

What's NeXt for Nintendo

We here at Nintendo Love Affair have consistently expressed our concern at the amount of hype the Nintendo NX has received the past few weeks and how it adversely affects the company.  We have taken the stance that the mainstream and gaming media are being irresponsible with the content they have been creating regarding the NX and Nintendo’s future plans.   However, we also acknowledge how fun it is for the fans to take a stab at what lies ahead for Nintendo.  So, here are NLA’s 2016 predictions for Nintendo.  

-NX leaks will start to come out as more and more companies are exposed to the product.
   This is a no brainer but important in the NX timeline.  Nintendo typically does a very good job keeping a lid on their developments but the hype surrounding the NX could be enough for people to talk.

-NX will be publicly unveiled at E3 and Nintendo will have a physical presence there.
   Nintendo will dominate E3 and the news (the return of the king begins here).   Even if Sony is foolish enough to try and showcase their VR tech at this even it will be lost in the NX shadow.

-NX to have a 2016 Launch between October and December
  • Nintendo - October
  • Super Nintendo - August
  • Virtual Boy - August
  • Nintendo 64 - September
  • Gameboy Color - November
  • Gamecube - November
  • DS - November
  • Wii - November
  • Wii U - November

-NX will be marketed as a third pillar product but will be designed to takeover and cannibalize the Wii U and 3DS market as customers naturally choose to upgrade

    This was already done with the DS.  It was marketed as a third pillar but designed to takeover with it including a Gameboy Advance slot.

-The three pillars will become two: simply NX/Mobile or more specifically as NX Home, NX Pocket, Mobile
   Again, this already happened before with the DS/Gameboy Advance

-NX will feature crossover play to streamline development and ensure a wider customer base
   Nintendo dabbled in crossover play with the Wii U tablet controller and doing so ago again would give Nintendo a clear strategic advantage.

-Mario, Metroid, and Zelda will all be launch titles for the NX
   A system is always better when it has a solid launch lineup.  Due to the circumstances surrounding the NX launch, Nintendo is in dire need of a home run launch lineup.  Releasing the system alongside three killer apps would lock it in place as THE system to own.  Zelda will be the bridge title between the Wii U and the NX just like Twilight Princess was.  At the very least these three titles will be out for Christmas.

-Zelda Wii U/NX will be the swan song for the Wii U console
   Much like the Gamecube, this would be a perfect way to close the book on the Wii U.

So there you have it folks.  The official NX predictions of 2016.  What do you think? Will the NX launch this coming holiday season?

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