Thursday, January 21, 2016

What's Next for Yacht Club Games

A Peek At Shovel Knight DLC?
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As thousands of players around the world work their way through the Shovel Knight and Plague Knight campaigns, many are excitedly waiting to hear what Yacht Club Games announces for their next DLC packages. Even though the developer has teased at a Shovel Knight 2 both Specter Knight and King Knight expansions remain their next additions to the Shovel Knight software lineup.  This is what they had to say about their plans for the future content as reported at Playstation Lifestyle:

While the free Plague of Shadows update was 1-to-1 with the Shovel Knight campaign in terms of content, Yacht Club Games is thinking about how to do the content for King Knight and Specter Knight. “Maybe they won’t have the world map, or visit the locations in the same way,” Flood mentioned. “Maybe it’ll be something more concise and less stretched out. Those are the kinds of things we’re talking about.”
While the way Yacht Club Games packages and delivers the new content is still unclear there has been some talk about how Specter Knight and King Knight could play.  The following details are pulled directly from Yacht Club's website:

Specter Knight

As an undead creature, Specter Knight is a serious and complex character. His macabre story will explain more about his tragic fall from grace.

The website gives the following play style ideas:

  • Rapid scythe attacks which all move Specter Knight forward
  • Scythe Toss and Teleport – Throw scythe for a damaging multi hit attack and then wait for its return or immediately teleport to its position.
  • Hover and Air Dash.
  • Fast – Can run through levels quickly.
  • Glass Cannon – Has lower health than other characters.
  • Desperation Attacks – Special attacks drain health if available. Can otherwise use special attacks infinitely if at low health.
Watch the Specter Knight boss battle!

King Knight

King Knight is an overconfident coward that relies on trickery and minions to do his dirty work. As such, his campaign will be full of self aggrandizing and humor!

The following play style ideas were included:

  • Build meter with a Kingly Strut, and spend meter for special moves
  • Cutting dash attack can propel King Knight across large gaps.
  • Cape Flip Reflect – Projectiles are not a problem!
  • Royal Decree – Spend money to issue royal decrees and cheat on the level.
Watch the King Knight boss battle!

Without any further word from developers on the future expansions, we will have to wait and see what they have planned.  Sadly, there has been no mention of further developing a Shovel Knight Amiibo line. Perhaps the success and popularity of the recently released Shovel Knight Amiibo will help sway Yacht Club Games into producing more!

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