Thursday, January 21, 2016

5 Reasons Why Nintendo Will Dominate 2016

We at Nintendo Love Affair have had enough of all the rumor mongering and hype building headlines.  We are also tired of the negativity and blatant mud slinging towards Nintendo.  Here are 5 reasons why 2016 will be the year of Nintendo!

1. Nintendo will put a bow on the Wii U
It’s easy to grumble about the Wii U when you think about the system’s performance a month at a time.  However, after the industry has distanced itself from its current gen system we believe the Wii U will be looked back on with much more regard.  Although its releases were sparse, collectively it is a very solid system.
2. The Nintendo 3DS will be THE system to own…. until NX
We have already discussed why the Nintendo 3DS is the greatest console of this generation.  While the 3DS was not as successful as its predecessor (more a testament to the greatness of the DS rather than 3DS shortcomings), 2016 is going to see an amazing lineup of releases.
3.  Amiibos will become more useful & popular
After finally getting our hands on a Shovel Knight Amiibo for the Wii U we FINALLY see a great example of how they should be used.  The extra content that the Shovel Knight Amiibo unlocks is unbelievable! $13 for quality content and a great looking figurine?  Yes please!
4.  Nintendo will launch their mobile platform
While Nintendo’s approach to mobile is still unclear and may be overshadowed by the NX’s launch it is still a HUGE step forward for Nintendo.  2016 is truly a year of transformation for Nintendo and their arrival on mobile should turn mobile gaming into something much more formidable.  Let’s not forget about Pokemon Go either...
5.  and of course… The NX
We made our Nintendo NX predictions and we are sticking to them.  While at this current point in time factual details about the NX are few we can rest assured that Nintendo will do something spectacular.

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