Friday, February 26, 2016

Coleco Chameleon: Predator in a Growing Retro Market

Nostalgia Becomes Marketable, Attempts at Easy Money

Thank you Mr. Nillo for a fantastic job explaining how the appearance of people like Mike Kennedy and projects like the Coleco Chameleon are actually a good sign for the retro gaming community.  The problem is that as the retro gaming market grows more casual gamers get involved.  The consumers who get bitten by the nostalgia bug become prey for predators who want to make a quick buck.  If you are interested in the Coleco Chameleon, or any other crowdfunding effort, please stay informed!  Ask questions.  Make sure your hard earned money is going towards something that will have a good return.

Without further ado, the video from StopDrop&Retro.

Nico Nillo is a reclusive shut-in and his YouTube channel is his window to the world where he can be found obsessing over the minutiae of retro gaming, Chinese crapware and other matters that no one his age should ever have strong feelings about. You can also find him on Twitter @stopdropretro.

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