Saturday, February 13, 2016

Coleco Chameleon Unveiled

In a somewhat underwhelming "launch" announcement, Retro Video Game Systems has finally announced the launch of their... Kickstarter campaign for the Coleco Chameleon?

Yes that's right guys and gals.  Unfortunately RVGS has not finished production and the system is not yet available for purchase.  However!  Do no be disheartened.  Follow the links below for game footage and see the Coleco Chameleon in action!  We still have hope here at Nintendo Love Affair that the Chameleon is going to be a fun system to play on. 

Taken from the Toy Fair debut in New York.

Some interesting things to note in the videos include that they are playing the Chameleon with Super Nintendo controllers, and the game they are playing, Apocalypse II, can be played with four players at once.  The re-purposed Jaguar shells and Chameleon controllers are quite sexy, but it is exciting to think that the player will have the option to play with the game pad of their choice.

Check out the Apocalypse II footage here.

And check out Mike Kennedy explaining how to put a cartridge in a system (pro tip: it goes in the slot).  He also plays Jim Power and Legend which looks like a good time.

Stay tuned for more updates on Retro Video Game Systems and their Coleco Chameleon project.

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