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Peek Inside Piko Interactive

Company Ready for Post-Chameleon Campaign, Exciting Projects on the Horizon 

Used with permission from Piko Interactive

Nintendo Love Affair sat down with Eli Galindo from Piko Interactive to get some juicy details about their involvement with the Coleco Chameleon.  He also had updates on upcoming projects planned.  

For the uninitiated, Piko Interactive is a developer and publisher of retro style games for both web-based and physical platforms.  In Eli’s words, Piko Interactive (PI) is a new company that “makes old games”.  Founded in 2013, PI has brought over thirty different titles to classic cartridge based systems such as the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy line.  They also publish games in a digital format for the Apple Store, Steam and Google Play.

Although PI has many exciting products of their own, it didn’t take long for the conversation to turn towards the Coleco Chameleon.  Anyone who has been following RETRO Video Game Systems has heard them tout the Piko Interactive name numerous times when discussing their game lineup.  The spokesmen for RVGS paints a picture that illustrates Piko Interactive being deeply entrenched in the Chameleon’s success.  After discussing the project with Eli, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

NLA: Some of the most controversial news in the retro gaming community currently surrounds the Coleco Chameleon. How involved is Piko Interactive with Retro Video Game Systems and the Chameleon project?  

Eli: we said, they want games, we are willing to have our games on their console if they get it up and running successfully.  All of our games are 100% done, so that played a big part on allowing the games to be there (no cost on our end to develop them).  But if we don't see minimum numbers this year (units per title), we won't come back with new titles.

Piko Interactive has done a wonderful job staying neutral in the feud that seems to be happening between the hardcore retro gaming community and Mike Kennedy from RETRO Video Game Systems.  As one of the few major players in the cartridge gaming scene, PI want’s to keep their options opened.  When asked to elaborate on who would foot the bill for publishing PI games on cartridge for the Chameleon Eli responded:

Eli:  We are not investing anything on the Chameleon other than our time. They will be paying for the carts

With RVGS’ pricing model brought under the microscope by the fellas over at the Completely Unnecessary podcast, we can’t help but wonder if something is being lost in translation, or if there just isn’t much thought going into the publishing and distribution
Taken From Wikipedia
process.  As excited as some of us are for the idea of the Coleco Chameleon we still have to ask, why would we buy a brand new system that does what so many systems can already do?  Mike Kennedy has also announced USB retro style controllers that will be made specifically for Colecovision and Intellivision games.  Again, thinking critically, why would anyone who wants to scratch their nostalgic itch want to pay premium prices for new tech when classic gaming systems are so easily found? 

When asked about the drama unfolding around Mike Kennedy and his product, Eli shared his thoughts.

Eli: ...we understand where the community is coming from, and (also) want a console like
the Chameleon to happen.

Eli was very adamant about keeping a professional courtesy towards RETRO Video Game Systems and we here at Nintendo Love Affair agree.  To be fair, Eli also offered up his thoughts on what RVGS could do to fix the relationship.

Eli: RVGS could be a bit more transparent.

And we here at Nintendo Love Affair believe that a little more transparency would go a long way to start the healing process.  We believe that deep down, Mike Kennedy has a great love for retro gaming and the days of yesteryear.  Throughout the development of the RETRO Video Game System and now the Coleco Chameleon something was lost though.  Mike is certainly a man on a mission.

When asked about other projects that Piko Interactive is involved in, Eli could only say so much.  

Eli: We have about 5 Genesis games and 2 snes we hope to do this year. Our involvement with a [company name removed] related Kickstarter, and a Kickstarter of our own :D.”

And what is their Kickstarter exactly?  A huge initiative to get Jim Powers on as many retro platforms as possible.  When asked for a date on these upcoming projects Eli could only speculate.

Eli: ...since the Chameleon is going through Kickstarter, (it) is going to draw a ton of attention.  So I want to make sure it is a date in which we will have all the attention to us.

Tell us what you think of Piko Interactive’s game lineup below! Also, look forward to more details from Piko Interactive and their future projects as well as the Coleco Chameleon from Nintendo Love Affair!   

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