Saturday, February 20, 2016

NLA Wiikly Roundup 2-21-2016

All the latest action from Nintendo Love Affair!

Be sure to check out our newest Nintendo News Week for the top Nintendo headlines.

It has been such an exciting week at Nintendo Love Affair!  It is so cool to think that NLA is not even two months old yet and we have been getting such a great response from our readers.  We love the comments we get on the site, and are always psyched to get your feedback.  We also want to hear from you on Twitter, so be sure to follow us!  We will follow back.  

To kick off this week's Wiikly Roundup, take a look at our brief Power of Play series where we appreciate the new Pokemon commercial, and celebrate Shigeru Miyamoto's inspiration for Nintendo's best games.

In nontendo news, Retro Video Game Systems and their Coleco Chameleon have been been grabbing much of our attention.  We started covering this interesting system prior to its recent Toy Fair "debut".  Check out its surprising Toy Fair appearance here.

Our guest contributor Nico Nillo takes a good natured poke at Retro Video Game Systems.  He offers up suggestions for how the Coleco Chameleon's campaign could be saved by utilizing the power of the 80's.  See how Dee Snyder CAN what ColeCAN'T.

With the Chameleon Kickstarter only days away, Retro Video Game Systems has been pumping out the rewards for anyone interested in funding the system.  We keep you updated as information for the campaign rolls in.  

Also, check out our resource page for all the articles we've produced or collected on the Coleco Chameleon project.  

There has been enough drama involved with Retro Video Game Systems to fuel a retro gaming soap opera.  Don't be confused by all the hype and speculation.  Check out our article on what we actually know about the Coleco Chameleon.  Look forward to more coverage as the interesting story of the Chameleon unfolds.

Thank you for tuning into Nintendo Love Affair. It's for Nintendo fans, by Nintendo fans.  Hey nontendo fans, we love you too! 

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