Thursday, February 18, 2016

Nintendo News Week 2-18-2016

Whoa Nelly has it been awhile since we’ve published a Nintendo News Week!  Well, we are back in the saddle again so giddyup for the top Nintendo headlines from the week and beyond!  

A Voiceless Link
In an interview reported on by Tech Times Eiji Aonuma discusses why Zelda doesn’t, and probably won’t, have a voice.

Smash to launch with NX?
As the NX rumor mill continues to churn out juicy bits on (mis)information, Smash Bros is pulled into the mix as analysts in the field begin to speculate that Smash is going to be a launch title for the NX.

Pokemon Go unlikely to run on NX?
As the Pokemon Go release creeps closer, we begin to wonder if interactivity with the NX is possible.

NX Launch Titles?
Industry surveys and leaks unveil that Namco Bandai is working on several NX launch titles.  Speculation abounds!

Business Insider Gives Fair Nintendo Evaluation
Check out a fair look at Nintendo’s trends throughout its history and how easily it is forgotten.  We wrote something about Nintendo’s culture too.  Don’t forget, Nintendo is a conservative Japanese company with its own culture.

Click Bait and Fools
And of course there is foolish clickbait analyses of Nintendo all over the internet.  People who claim to be market experts yet have absolutely no understanding of the company.  It’s a shame that popular news outlets like My Nintendo News recycles these stories.

Make Way for Magearna
A new Pokemon is announced!  Yes, we are approaching one thousand Pokemon and I’m sure fans of the series don’t mind a bit.  Keep them coming!

Nintendo Select Titles Coming
And it is about time.  Here is your second chance to buy those great games you may have missed the first time around for a much better price.

Watch Your Language
Data miners have burrowed their way into the 3DS and discovered a database of banned words for the system.  Some of them are surprising.

Account Activated
Nintendo Account is now live!  Not much more to add to this… get over there and make one!  

And While You Are At It
Go ahead and get preregistered for the Miitomo app coming out this March.

Choose Your Fate!
Fire Emblem Fates releases on February 19! Which side will you choose?

Did we miss any headlines? Let us know below!

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