Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Retro Video Game Systems Kills the Chameleon Kickstarter

Coleco a No Go, Retro Video Game Systems Retreats, and Anticipating E3

The morning of February 26, 2016 was supposed to be D-Day for Retro Video Game Systems and the the retro gaming community. The repeatedly hyped date when retro gamers across the globe expected to secure their order on Kickstarter for a certain cloaked console they crave called the COLECO Chameleon. But that date turned out to be less electric and more reptilian than anticipated with this well-camouflaged Chameleon being impossible to detect.

Instead, visitors to the COLECO Chameleon’s Facebook homepage were met with endless silence the entire morning, acknowledged only by an unseen hand deleting their comments. A concerned fan, Matt Shonka, remarked: “I’m starting to suspect this is dead” at 9:14 a.m. PST, only to have his own comment summarily executed and white washed not more than two minutes later.

10:14 AM - Comment Allowed
10:16 AM - Comment Bad, You Go Now

Then, without warning, an ecstatic update written without any recognition of their morning mischance, proclaiming that the Kickstarter will be delayed. But what about Mike Kennedy? Their
An the expected happened
reclusive retro gaming overlord and “entrepreneur through and through” was last seen at Toy Fair New York just two weeks ago boasting that this would be the day that all questions would be answered. He seems to have slithered away and we were left with a trail of perplexing pictures showing the unfinalized prototype. This delay may have stayed their execution at the hands of a wi-fi firing squad composed of vicious vloggers, cantankerous commentators and ruthless reporters. But is this delay a Faustian Bargain?

My life is a lie!

They have provided no official date for when we can expect the Chameleon to resurface. But this report will suggest one: E3 2016. The Chameleon Kickstarter will not have an icy chance in Hades if it tries to run with the big dogs. Its biggest selling points are: 1) it has a retro brand, and 2) it has a gimmick (the cartridges). Any consumer looking for a console from a retro brand with a gimmick are sure to find both of these qualities in spades with the upcoming Nintendo NX. If any well wishing advice could be transmitted through Mr. Kennedy’s hermit kingdom, we would advise him to complete his crowdfunding before E3. After the NX is revealed, no matter what color this Chameleon paints itself, it will not be able to stand out.

Dodger Rudd has taken a keen interest in the Coleco Chameleon and has sworn to get to the bottom of it all.

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