Monday, January 25, 2016

GameStop Slips Up?

While the stance at Nintendo Love Affair is against intense rumor mongering and speculation, we understand the importance of looking at the facts and trying to figure out what might be coming down the pipe from Nintendo.

Stick to the Facts
What do we know?  Well, not much.  We know that there have been patents filed that may or may not be linked to the NX.  We know that Nintendo wants to make a departure from the Wii brand, creating something new and different.  We also know that Nintendo has stated they will not say anything about NX until the spring.  

Don't (Game)Stop Believin'
So what's new in the world of NX?  GameStop, the suffering game merchant, has let slip a survey that many seem to believe suggests an NX release in the next 12 months.  Based on what we know, it would be just as easy to state that the survey suggests the NX to be a VR technology, since it is grouped with nothing but virtual reality devices.  Considering Nintendo's history with the withered technology philosophy, it is highly unlikely that Nintendo will decide to jump into the VR arena until they can do it in a way that matches their development style and ideology.  Also, considering what they were able to do with stereoscopic screens and 3D effects on the 3DS (just one of the reasons it's the best system of this generation), Nintendo may have found a way to jump into the current gen arena in an affordable way.  While many chastise Nintendo for being behind Sony and Microsoft, the house of Mario may not need to completely leap frog the PS4 and Xbone but simply serve up a more affordable offering with better features such as crossover play.  

And Still We Wait
We at Nintendo Love Affair believe that GameStop created this survey based on speculation.  They probably do not know when NX will be released but believe it is safe to assume that it's coming out in the next year.  Seeing as how development kits for the NX were pushed out last year, how the Wii U has seen a dramatic slow down in title announcements, an E3 unveiling seems highly likely, and Nintendo has a history of fall/holiday releases for home consoles it is a safe bet to include it on the survey.    

As always, we wait for word from Nintendo on what to expect this spring.

Is the NX going to be announced at this years E3?  Let us know in the comments.

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