Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wiikly Roundup for 1-23-2016

Did you miss any awesome Nintendo Love Affair articles from last week?  No worries! Here is your Wiikly Roundup leading up to January 23.

8 things you may have missed from Nintendo Love Affair:

  1. We kicked off the week with a Shovel Knight writing contest announcement.
  2. While many call for a Nintendo that copies Sony and Microsoft, we argued for a Nintendo that continues to innovate.
  3. Saw Yacht Club Games tease a Shovel Knight 2.
  4. Compiled a list of upcoming games for Nintendo.
  5. Wondered why Palmer Luckey from Oculus decided to kick Nintendo while its down.
  6. Reported on a released Mighty No. 9 hands on video.
  7. Presented Yacht Club’s current plans for Shovel Knight DLC.
  8. Finally, we listed our 5 reasons why 2016 will be the year of Nintendo!
It was a jam-packed week for Nintendo Love Affair and we hope you love everything we bring to you!  Feedback is always appreciated so please leave a comment!

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